We work in partnership with organizations that support or develop productive projects, at a stage in which the projects require funding or additional funding to the resources that NGOs provide, and are prepared to receive credit.

Some of our major strategic partners are:

our team

​María Luisa Chávez

She studied Public Administration and Political Sciences at La Sorbona in Paris. Right now, she’s doing a Master in Creation and Management of Innovative Companies in the University of Barcelona. With experience working at Natixis, an investment bank, and at Venture Institute/AIIVP, a business accelerator with capital investment fund impact, Maria Luisa joined El Buen Socio ready to contribute with her grain of sand in Mexico. Financial inclusion is the battle that she chose to fight and El Buen Socio is her trench.  

El Buen Socio allows impact investment to reach projects with social and environmental benefits.

​Paola Aguirre

She studies International Relations at ITAM. She was part of Enlace Rural, a student organization dedicated to academic, personal and economic development of rural communities in Hidalgo. At the same time, she joined ITAM’s Student Council where she continued working in the area of social development. From these experiences, she decided that she wanted to make Mexico a more inclusive and just country. She saw in El Buen Socio a great opportunity to get closer to this goal. 

Monserrat López

She’s currently studding a degree on Management and Administration for Small and Medium Companies at the UNAD México. She worked at SEDESOL, where she discovered that her passion is to channel her energy to help improve the way of life of other people; in Chamuchic, where she learned that the key to success is perseverance, and in Crowdfunder MX, an investment program to innovative companies. Monserrat's experiences with vulnerable groups, and her willingness to make México a more inclusive country are the motors that motivate her to be part of El Buen Socio.

​​Karla Breceda

Founder and director of El Buen Socio.
Karla studied Economics at ITAM. She has a masters degree in Public Politics by the University of Harvard.
Before El Buen Socio, she worked at the World Bank, SEDESOL, and Financiera Rural, creating social programs for rural areas, and investments schemes for productive projects.
With all this experiences, Karla decided to change the way things are done in México, in order to build an inclusive and stronger country. 

He studied Economics at ITAM. While at school, he participated in Enlace Rural, a student organization that focuses in the development of rural communities in Hidalgo. Later, he worked for a while at Irradius, a trustfund specialized in real estate. Finally, a series of lucky coincidences led him to discover his home, El Buen Socio. 

We are an interdisciplinary team of people committed with Mexico and with the pursuit of the equality of opportunities for everyone. 

Mauricio Mondragón

Cristina Ortega

​She studied Computer Engineering at Instituto Politécnico Nacional. Before working at El Buen Socio, Cris worked at Financiera Rural, in the design and implementation of information systems to optimize processes at the institution. She has also worked in areas of business, impact of information, operation and technology at SEDESOL, in the Ministry of Economy and at the Comisión Nacional de Vivienda. Now she brings her experience to the team of El Buen Socio by collaborating in the generation of successful stories with inclusive and differentiated financing.   ​

Our allies

​Jorge Rosas

He’s currently studying Political Science at ITAM. He has had the opportunity to belong to different groups of social service, especially working with kids in vulnerable situations. Volunteer in México, Haiti and Dominican Republic, convinced that this world has huge signs of hope. He's willing to contribute in the reconstruction of the social fabric, and he knows that the impact of El Buen Socio in this cause is enormous.