There are countless entrepreneurs in rural communities in Mexico who lead productive projects with positive social or environmental impact and have the potential to create jobs and to improve the quality of life of their families and their communities. However, this population is invisible for traditional financial institutions. These are the entrepreneurs that we want to promote. 

Our mission is to provide ethical financial services for people to improve their quality of life through the development of productive projects.  

Each project is unique and each entrepreneur is different. 

​To fulfill our commitment with empowering vulnerable communities, we developed a Basic Financial Education Course.

 The methodology of our course provides the tools for people to learn to identify their sources of income, their productive activities and the profitability of these.

The credits we, at El Buen Socio, provide are designed to suit each project. Thinking of satisfying the funding needs of businesses with impact, our loans are flexible, they take into account the business flows and the existing social capital. We offer competitive rates, personalized support and a relationship based on trust. 

What We Do

Our credits adapt to the needs of the entrepreneurs with impact and the needs of their projects.


Financial Education

The aim of the course is that, at the end, participants are able to analyze and make informed decisions regarding their productive activities, incomes, expenses, savings and investments, based on basic but powerful financial tools.